Chris Said So

I’m a father, a husband, a hacker, and an intermediate-level human being. I live in Prague with my wife and two troublemaking kids.

A Little About Me

Life is where you find it. I moved to the Czech Republic in the fall of 2000 to work for a long-gone startup. When I left the states, I told my friends and family that I would be here “for a year or two”.

I’ve spent a good chunk of the past 20 years hunched over a keyboard working on system architecture & design and web applications - most recently using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

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Recently Working On

Still plugging away on BetterFBO and realizing more every day just how dysfunctional FedBizOpps really is. I’m pretty deep in the weeds on it, and I’m expecting to have something ready to release to the world within the next few weeks.