Minitest Cheat Sheet

Written: Aug 10, 2016

It’s not old, it’s vintage.

This post was last updated some years ago and hasn’t been updated recently. Be aware that some of the content, tools, and techniques described may not be completely up-to-date.

Recently I came across a post that called out a perceived lack of documentation and learning materials for Minitest in contrast with RSpec. And while I’m not entirely sure I agree with the premise, the main point of the article had the ring of truth to it:

If there’s a problem to be solved here, it’s that the obvious parts of Minitest need to be better documented. Organize the new documentation in the format of “I want to do xyz thing”,with an example.

Bryan Powell

Honestly, what project couldn’t use better docs - more focused, more examples, and detailed explanations? That was exactly the same line of thinking that got me thinking about writing The Minitest Cookbook.

I released a cheat sheet with the book that I thought might provide people with a partial solution, so I prepared a simplified version that includes a reference to the basic methods and syntax for Minitest and Minitest::Spec as well as a full listing of all assertions and expectations for each along with simple code examples for context. (The full version also includes Rails-specific helpers and assertions and a list of the most commonly used Capybara methods.)

Get the Cheat Sheet

Enjoy, and let me know if it helps you.